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I believe in getting laser treatments like Clear Brilliant. I think microcurrent technology makes sense to strengthen your muscles. That “different in pictures” thing happens with makeup too.

You ever put makeup on and it looks good in your bathroom mirror and then someone takes a picture of you and you’re like, f-ck, is my eyeliner really that wonky? So imagine what happens when it’s not just makeup but makeup ON TOP of Botox and fillers?

"Every seat here is my world," she said during a rehearsal on Friday.

"I do everything, from the seating map to where everyone is going to sit, to when they are going to be removed from their seat, so I can have somebody put in their seat 'cause we're live on camera and empty seats don't look good." A card sits in Alessia Cara's seat for the Junos at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa.

As soon as Alessia Cara leaves her seat and sets foot on stage to perform at the Junos in Ottawa this Sunday, someone will have swooped in and sat down in the chair she left.

The same thing happens if a musician has to get up to go to the washroom or if they mount the stage to accept an award.

When Cara gets up to perform or accept an award if she wins, a seat filler will rush down and sit in her empty seat.

Natural quill pens (courtesy For the first three millennia or so since the invention of paper, the writing instrument of choice in Western (note the big "W") culture was the quill.One simply found a goose who could be persuaded to donate a tail feather, harvested the feather, allowed it to dry (often by immersing it in a bed of hot dry sand), "gutted" it and trimmed off the excess fuzz.Despite what you see in the movies, or what you may buy in the curio shops, quill pens of the pre-industrial age had their fuzz trimmed all the way off, perhaps leaving only a small "flag" at the very top (as we see in the lower of the two pens pictured above).Some sellers do little more than install a new sac; we take care of everything, from flushing the feed to adjusting and smoothing the nib.We are known for our conservative grading: in many cases our "fine" is equivalent to other sellers' "excellent" or "near mint".

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