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The image shows 26-year-old Emmy Waller, a mother of four, lying in a bath and cradling her 12-week-old baby Alice as she breastfeeds.Her photo comes after Leicester City footballer Jamie Vardy’s wife Rebekah had a photoshoot to hit back at trolls who’d criticised her figure after giving birth.It's just something natural and this is how I look and I've inspired other women to feel amazing too.“Many others have posted their own breastfeeding pictures on social media as well.However, the scene is a missed opportunity to explain that breastfeeding is not a sexualized act or "peep show."The topic of breastfeeding came up on "Friends" several times throughout its 10-year run.In the season two episode "The One with the Breast Milk," Carol breastfeeds Ben in Monica's apartment, which makes Joey and Chandler uncomfortable.Breastfeeding has appeared onscreen in various films and television shows for years, as a way to educate children, create a relatable plot line or even inject humor into a situation.From "Sex and the City" to "Sesame Street," these shows and movies that feature breastfeeding do so in a wide range of ways -- sometimes empowering and at other times just altogether problematic.

Curmudgeonly Luke expresses a disappointing opinion on breastfeeding in the "Gilmore Girls" season three episode, “Eight O’Clock at the Oasis.” He rants about a large table of parents with their small children in his diner, and he says some pretty offensive things when one of the mothers starts to nurse her baby."When did that become acceptable? "In the old days, a woman would never consider doing that in public. I mean, it’s indecent; this is a diner, not a peep show."Lorelai's refusal to ask the woman to stop and Rory's dissenting facial expression suggest that the heroines don't condone Luke's attitude.Waller, a microbiologist from Leeds, Yorkshire, said: “Of course the thing about the photo is that I thought I looked awful with stretch marks and a big belly, but people have been coming to me saying it's the most beautiful thing they've ever seen.“Now I don't care what my body looks like - it's made my baby and the result of that is I have a saggy belly. Women's bodies are strong and powerful, but I'm no superwoman.Makes me wonder if that Dugger woman has been nursing those 20 kids of hers non-stop.I'm pretty sure there's no correlation and one doesn't even need to have been pregnant to produce milk in the first place.

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