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Firebase Realtime database is a cloud hosted database that supports multiple platforms Android, i OS and Web.

Basically the entire database is a big JSON tree with multiple nodes.I confirm that I wish the device to record its surroundings and by the time I've made myself a coffee there's notification of a "new event". There's a rustling, crunching sound, as if someone in a radio play is treading on snow. As a proliferation of stealth apps enables a generation of suspicious characters to keep tabs on their loved ones, my husband and I are playing I Spy - courtesy of a company named Flexi SPY.Then, clear as plate glass, I hear a woman's voice. This type of software is expressly marketed as a tool for employers wishing to keep staff "efficient" or for parents wanting to monitor their children for safety reasons - but this tech is a few rungs up from ye olde teddy bear nanny cam.It is precision surveillance, with a sophistication worthy of a national intelligence agency.Unfortunately, many of its users seem to be employing it for nefarious purposes.

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