Pigeon john is dating your sister album

The self produced track uses an acoustic guitar to create a nice setting for a more serious Pigeon John to express his feelings.

And putting the comedian aside for a minute - to take on a more serious approach - suits him well.

John Kenneth Duncan, alias Pigeon John, tiens plus du hipster que du rappeur gangsta.

var win_h = window.inner Height; //$(window).height(); var win_w = window.inner Width; //$(window).width(); var is_ad_leftside = false; var is_ad_rightside = ! is Switching Lang && win_w 1088; var is_second_rightad = ! “That’s always been the mission, getting deeper, shedding off the layers and that’s never really stopped.” is set to feature a Pop sound meshed with Hip Hop, Pigeon John says.“Going in a Pop direction was inevitable, I think, because of the way I was brought up, listening to ’80s Pop radio,” Pigeon John says.He started out clueless, he has been dating your sister and now the LA Symphony and Brainwash Project member sings the blues.Thirteen new tracks; or eight new tracks, three remixes and two bonus tracks is what this album has to offer."Upside Down Rotten" sets the album off with something typical PJ.

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